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Where are the plugins. 18.08.2016 01:59

I tried the free. The plugin I wanted wasn't included. It only listed Simple Menu and Bootstrap Horizontal. Where are the others? So I figured they would come with the paid version. Nope. Upgraded to the paid version and I see no difference between the free and the paid versions. So I then figured maybe I should have uninstalled the free version before installing the paid version. So I uninstalled and re-installed the paid version. That resulted in no plugins. So where are the plugins?

Re: Where are the plugins. 18.08.2016 02:23

Please disregard after posting this I went back to searching the site over for them and found them on my dashboard...Can't wait to try them out. :)

Re: Where are the plugins. 18.08.2016 02:31

So much for full-speed ahead, lol. Now when I attempt to install the plugin through the Mad Menu's toolbar I get: ERROR_SAVING File extension not correct.

Re: Where are the plugins. 18.08.2016 08:59

the plugins are downloaded zipped from the dashboard. Can you confirm you have the same issue if you first unzip at your local and then try to import from mad menu toolbar?

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Where are the plugins. 18.08.2016 22:36

I extracted the zipped plugins to my local hard drive and attempted to install via the Mad Menu Toolbar as you recommended, No matter which file I attempt to install with (starting with the two xml files of the moonsoft menu), i get the same thing.

Re: Where are the plugins. 19.08.2016 10:06


If you have a Joomla version >3.2, please upgrade to madmenu version 0.0.2. Then you will be able to upload madmenu plugins. If you still get errors, please place a ticket on helpdesk with url and credentials and we'll take a look.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Where are the plugins. 19.08.2016 17:17

Plugin installed after the update. Thanks. Looking forward to working with it.

Re: Where are the plugins. 19.08.2016 19:26

Installed the plugins. Good. Was able to build the menu and save the config file. Good. Although the menu is displaying on the frontend it is not working. Doesn't have the animation yours had and most of all, they don't link. They simply display the icons. That's it. ( This is with the moonsoft menu plugin, which was the demo that drove me to purchase this extension.)

After trying some of the other plugins the links are working with them but still no animation of the icons with any of the plugins. All I want is the icons to animate when hovered over, which is what the moonsoft demo did. Will this require editing of the file? I thought the plugin came with those scripts added. It seems I may need to add them myself unless I'm missing something. If I am please advise me.

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Re: Where are the plugins. 20.08.2016 09:49

you don't need to edit any file, all functions you can see at the demo are already included at the plugins, if it's not working for you same way must be any configuration/conflict issue at your site. We tried to visit your page but it's password protected. If you create a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an access we'll take a look at your configuration and let you know how to fix.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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