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External database 06.08.2020 08:09

You would need to use Table Manager with an external database.
We access from 3 different websites in Joomla to manage a reservation system.
Any idea how to do it?
Thank you very much

Re: External database 06.08.2020 11:14

the extension uses your default Joomla connection, that is only able to access the same schema you're using for that Joomla installation. If you only need to 'read' data from the external database, you could create a 'view' at each Joomla schema refering your external table, and then configure Table Manager linked to the view.
If you will need to write data on that table/s, then you can look for a more complex solution. We've not tried, but a federated table should do the work:

You can try to create federated tables at each Joomla installation, they will read/write data from the external ones, and you can link Table Manager to them in order to manage from each Joomla installation. As this is a quite specific configuration, you will need to ask your hosting if they allow you to create these kind of tables.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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