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Use TM as viewer / editor for listmanager 03.03.2018 17:28

I like to user TM to view some data form LM,

◄ HOW TO► Show the content of the filed NAME from listmanger_fields in place of the idfield in listmanger_values
→maybe with sql option box???

◄HOW TO►: Show the other rows with the same idrecord as the currect active row found by a "link" in that row
→ I try add link to Related table made a second TM table connect to listmanager_values table but the lightbox stays emtry and show TM_MODAL_TITLE in the left top corner

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Re: Use TM as viewer / editor for listmanager 04.03.2018 08:48

SOLUTION RELATED TABLE: Its a template / config problem with it works, see now the link icon and the popup show the correct records, with the templates from it stay empty and I dont see the 'link" icon in the main table

►Still one minor item the Tittle of the modal is " TM_MODAL_TITLE" the name of the var not the content I think

Re: Use TM as viewer / editor for listmanager 05.03.2018 09:12

you shouldn't use TM as editor for listmanager, because LM uses its own database structure, with many tables related, while TM allows to view/edit one db table at a time. Here some tips about LM db structure if you want to give it a try, although we think editing these tables using TM would not be very user-friendly.

Table main data is stored at
Fields names and configuration are at
listmanager_field (column name contains the column title you see at LM, and idlisting identifies the list from the previous table)
at listmanager_values you will find the values for each field (idfield identifies the field from the previous table, same record values will have same idrecord)

Building a database view joining those tables could be a solution in order to view data in a single 'table', but a view is not 'editable' so this can help only if you don't need to manage records from TM.

Regarding related tables issue, you can check if there is any javascript error when you load some templates, with any js error present at the page, you may see some functions non-properly working as it may stop further js execution. The 'TM_MODAL_TITLE' string is a translation key, you can change for any preferred text at any of your language files adding a translation, for ex at

TM_MODAL_TITLE="your title here"


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