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Showing a database on the frontend 27.09.2017 23:06

Hi MS Table Team

I have recently started using MS Table. I created a table linked to a db on the Joomla site. I created menu item to show this specific table.


One of the columns of the table is a long text on the form of 7 substrings like the following one:

Where "0" is first day of week, and the rest specify the starting time and end time (in hours and minutes).
There are other 6 sub strings in this field, one for the remaining days of the week.

Unfortunately, I can not change the format of that column because it is used heavily by other components of the site.

I need to parse this text with some php code to display it in more human way for display and editing on the frontend. Where can I do that? Would you kindly able to help with converting it to several text areas?

I d appreciate that.

I will add a column to associate each row with a user. How can I configure the MS Table so that on the frontend, only the related user will see/edit its own row and other rows won't be displayed.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Showing a database on the frontend 28.09.2017 13:28


Q1: You can type this column as 'calculated' at your table configuration, this way you can introduce php code able to show another output, for ex, if your column is called 'mycolumn', you can configure this way:

$mycolumn="New text:".$mycolumn;

in order to add 'new text' at the beginning of your actual value. Any other valid php expression is allowed.
This can help you to show a more user friendly content, but you can't create a 'custom editor' for these kind of calculated values, if you want to edit them you will need to type them as plain text instead. For having a column able to show AND edit your specific column format you'd need to add another column type (modifying the core code of the extension). That would be a complex change, we can create a custom version for you if you're interested, you can request a quote using the private helpdesk.

Q2: Once you have added a column typed user at your table, you only need to enable the parameter 'Show only user records' that you'll find at Config->Data Records

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Showing a database on the frontend 30.09.2017 14:24

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding Q1: I have opened a ticket at HelpDesk. It is ticket number 1445. If you would be able to check it and provide a quote, I d appreciate it.

Regarding Q2: Thanks for the reply. This way each user will see its records.
Is there a way to keep that (each user seeing its own record), while allowing the admin/superuser to see all existing records?


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Re: Showing a database on the frontend 02.10.2017 08:16


About Q2, you can add a new List on Table Manager point to same table in database, check the configuration on 'Data Records' tab ->'Show only user records' is set to 'No', and create a new menu Table Manager item with this list and add the ACL Joomla configuration needed.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Showing a database on the frontend 10.10.2017 19:25

Thanks very much for your reply. It is a good idea!

May I ask another question

Q3. The displayed table is very wide. The page doesn't display horizontal scroll bar. I tried changing the theme, but there was no difference.

I understand it is a display issue, but I am wondering if there other settings that help. Since the table in this case is single row, may be it could be split into two rows.

Or another solution: is there a way to edit the HTML of the table to add, for example, a div tag with class="scrollingdiv"
(I tried writing HTML here, but it was removed)

Q4. Each registered user sees its record from Table A. Would it be possible to add needed fields for the same user but from another table, say Table A.

If not, you still offer a table extension with rich features. May be cross referencing tables could be a feature in next updates.

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Re: Showing a database on the frontend 11.10.2017 10:02

yes, the forum doesn't allow code tags, if you need to share code please use helpdesk where we can share code, scripts and attachments in a better way. Regarding display, you can add scroll to your table adding an overflow property to any div that is 'above/containing' your table, like the one with tm_wrapper class, so if you add to any of your css

the section should show scrollbar when table overflows available space.

About Q4, you can map any individual table, but also any database view. This means you can create any view at your database (joining as many different tables as needed), and then use Table manager to show this view. Of course, as you will surely know, database views are not editable, so they won't be at Table Manager either.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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