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Message - Error Saving 23.06.2015 11:10

Hi, I just acquired Table Manager and I'm trying to create my first table. However, when I try to save a new row in my table, I receive a message:

Error Saving

I believe I took all required steps:
- Created table in phpmyadmin with all columns nullable and type varchar
- Created table in Table Manager
- Set all visibility options to Yes
- Add new row to table
- When I click Save or Save and Exit, the message is displayed
- The row is stored in Table Manager and when I check in phpmyadmin, the row is als stored in the database, but not visible in the front end.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: Message - Error Saving 24.06.2015 08:09

your steps seem correct to us. That strange message and the fact you can't see the inserted data makes us think about any permission or sintax issue witht the names of your tables, we can't reproduce here, please place a ticket at the helpdesk, sharing an access to your site. We'll debug there and let you know how to fix.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Message - Error Saving 24.06.2015 10:43

Submitted support ticket
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