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filtered data table 29.05.2013 01:50

Hi, I have a table q only bring me the user data that is registered. Making a cotra user validation table, you can?

by ejemple, you can validate the user with the one on the table

Re: filtered data table 29.05.2013 09:47

at this time the data recovery doesn't allow custom filters. In case you want to add any conditions to the query, you can edit the file which is launching the select query:


search for this line (about ln 53)


and replace it introducing your conditions at the fourth parameter:


Replace yourcolumn=1 for the conditions needed for your query. You can also ask for a custom version if you need us to build some custom code for you, let us know your specs at a helpdesk ticket.

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: filtered data table 13.11.2013 11:41

Hi Team,

First of all, i'd need to say that your component is very useful and easy to install and configure. Congratulations for this.

I'm very interested for the filter as you explained below.

Is it possible to filter with a date field.
For example, I use your component to edit the datas event's subscription by a custom form (ckform) for updating a wrong field input, or cancel a subscription, modify a sport licence number ...
The form is linked with an event component. The users fill in the form to subscribe a participation.

For the passed event i do not need to display the subscriptions.

My query should be= select * from ckform where enddate later "Now"
But NOW change everyday.

Do you understand my question ?

Edited by moon_1307 - 13.11.2013 11:44

Edited by moon_1307 - 13.11.2013 11:44

Re: filtered data table 13.11.2013 12:12

yes, thank you very much for your feedback. Regarding your question, you can filter using any valid sql condition,it will be added to the end of default query, so you could use the mysql function NOW() to query using current date:

yourdatefield ] NOW()

(replacing ']' for lower than, greater than...they are stripped by the forum filter)

More information about now function and other date/time functions you may want to check:

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: filtered data table 13.11.2013 14:33

Thank you so much for your reply.

I haven't found the correct line in dataraw.php


Did it change since last post in the forum ?

Where is the form to submit a request for a specific custom ?

Thank u

Re: filtered data table 13.11.2013 16:55

you're right, the line is much below on newer versions, it's about line 103.

But please note if your filter doesn't require any dynamic value or executing php code, you can also use the default parameter 'table filter' at the basic options on your menu, you can write there any valid sql condition, like the one you were suggesting of the date, and you won't need to edit the core code.

This parameter was added after this thread was created, sorry if it confused you.

You can request custom features placing a ticket at the helpdesk from your customer area, or sending us an email to the address

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team
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