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Error message when using Internet Explorer or Safari 20.10.2012 15:47

My new calculator works perfect when using Google Chrome, no problems. However, when I use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Safari (iPhone 3GS) I get error messages. With IE, I get 'error on page, with no results. With Safari I receive error message "0 :" Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Re: Error message when using Internet Explorer or Safari 21.10.2012 14:12

we have seen a similar issue before, related to a server parameter configuration, maybe it's also your case. It was solved this way:


about line 72 you should find:

// Create form element
var form = new Element....?php echo JURI::base();?>index.php');

Remove the JURI base expresion, to get this line:

var form = new Element('form').setProperty('action','index.php');

And try again your calculator.

Hope this helps, regards

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