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Questions flow 18.10.2011 20:41

Hello medam, sir,,

I have installed calc builder en started with the variables etc.

Now I am stuck at the matrix. We want to have only one result at the end of our flowscedule and at the end of the calculator.

Can you help us with this?

I have an the excel file with the data flow.

Perhaps it’s possible to skip the rest of the questions when people click on first option. We can’t help them.

Is it possible that the next question appears when they made a choice at the first question?

Hoping for your reaction.

Re: Questions flow 18.10.2011 20:43

if you want to define a single result line, you should define an output matrix containing two rows cols, one row for the titles and the second to show your
At the code of the calculator you should get the user responses and define their values.
About your flow questions, you could use linked lists type. This type fills next list of options depending on the previous value selected. We suggest to check quick guide to find out how to use it and download the example available at downloads section of calcbuilder:

Check Use example of new type Linked List

It's a calculator ready to import showing how this type should be configured.
Moonsoft Team
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