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Some values are incorrect? 27.04.2012 15:27

Ok I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have been working on this for awhile and it is getting annoying. There is NO preview button so I have to keep going back into the website to view if its working.

Variable ap1 is number default at 500
Variable nb1 is number default is 10% or .1
Variable num1 is number NO default




This results in some values are incorrect??

Re: Some values are incorrect? 27.04.2012 15:32

Can the math be done with out having a field set up.

Such as $resultA=$num1+$num2; Then $sum=$resultA*10%

So it never shows $resultA and there is no variable for it? Only num1 and num2


Re: Some values are incorrect? 27.04.2012 17:34


If you see "some values are incorrect" message, maybe the issue is not in code. Please check in Preferences section inside calculator in Backend; Frontend Number format -> Decimal and Thousand parameters are correctly set.

Hope this helps,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Some values are incorrect? 27.04.2012 17:39


You can add/use new variables in code without a field created.

Although, you must note this is not correct:


Maybe this should be


Moonsoft Team
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