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Can't save Module 22.02.2021 13:35

I have created a Calculator, but in Modules I can't save the new Calculator.
I can see the default CalcBuilder module, but when I input the data for my calcuator and try to publish it, it just Close and doesn't save my data.
It seems like it can't save the new module data.

Re: Can't save Module 22.02.2021 17:44

there shouldn't be problems when saving the module as this is a default Joomla module, only one parameter is mandatory (the calculator name), so just ensure it is selected at the 'calculator' combobox. You can try to switch for a while the
System->Global configuration->Error reporting setting to 'maximum' or 'development' and try to save the module again so you can check if you get any more detailed error message that can give us a clue about the origin of the problem. (Note: just for a while! switch back your setting to 'none' after your test. )

If you can't get further information this way you can also create a private ticket at the helpdesk, so you can share your access data there. We can debug directly at your site and let you know how to fix.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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