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Form Layout is not working for one form 17.06.2020 21:37


I have several forms working and a new one that has an issue with the Form Layout. The edit window does not have any editor tools and clicking the column buttons does not populate the edit window. The Form Layout for my other forms is working fine.

Why does it not work for this new form?



Re: Form Layout is not working for one form 18.06.2020 09:37

there's no evident reason for having one single form not working at that page. We suspect it can contain any data that could be breaking the format if you don't have the buttons working either. In order to confirm, please export your calculator to file, using the 'save' icon you will find next to the calculator name, zip it, and attach it to a helpdesk ticket (or, if you prefer, you can simply share an access to your site at the ticket so we'll debug directly at your site), and we'll let you know how to fix.

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Moonsoft Team
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