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No result 30.11.2019 13:20


I have a calculator in MS Excel 2019.
in the Spreadsheet tab I have given the half mapping in the spreadsheet.
I've created the appropriate input fields on the Fields tab. I have generated Form Layout. I described Exit Layout. After clicking the Calculate button will not get the result. Nothing happens. What did I do wrong? The Excel calculator uses two sheets and the if formula.

Regards Wojtek

Re: No result 30.11.2019 18:57

the steps of the configuration seem ok, and the calculator must work regardless of the number of the sheets you use at your spreadsheet. Please place a private ticket at the helpdesk and share an access to your site there, we'll check the calculator and your configuration and we'll let you know how to solve.
Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: No result 30.11.2019 21:15

Thanks for fast reaction.
I sent data to the site by email to with the subject no result data
Thank you for your help

Re: No result 02.12.2019 11:11

ok, but please note that is the presales questions email, please use the site private helpdesk ticket system instead (you'll see a 'helpdesk' icon at your dashboard), in order to get technical support, that will also speed up things.
We checked your site and found a couple of issues:
- At 'preferences' of the calculator you've set the import bootstrap option. You should set it to 'No', as your template already includes the bootstrap library and classes, you should use the same style classes you already have for the rest of your site because if you import twice it can cause conflicts.
- You have one plugin trying to optimize jquery imports that is causing a javascript error. The error thrown is located at your template jquery library but it's stopping the rest of scripts executions. If you disable the dj jquerymonster plugin you will see the calculator running and showing results.

Hope this helps
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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