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Hikashop Multi Vendor Issue 26.11.2017 03:50

I am using the hikashop multi vendor platform and I am using different calculators for different vendors. The code im using for my previous calculators is

$hk_product_name='Custom Print';

However, this creates a custom product each time and I cant seem to work out how to allocate this to a particular vendor. Is there a specific vendor code that I can insert to allocate the product created to the correct vendor

Re: Hikashop Multi Vendor Issue 26.11.2017 20:34

at the product table you have available the column 'product_vendor_id', where you can assign any specific value to the new product. You can set directly at the code your vendor id, same as you do for the other product fields, for ex:


Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Hikashop Multi Vendor Issue 26.11.2017 22:13

I dont have a table with product vendor id. Can this vendor id be put directly into the code

Re: Hikashop Multi Vendor Issue 27.11.2017 08:34

if you use a multi vendor installation you should have this field at the product table, at the code you can fill this field or any other you have for this purpouse at the product table. Where do you store the vendor id when you create a new product manually using the default hikashop backend? That is the same field you should fill from the calculator code.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team
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