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Excel Spreadsheet 12.07.2017 20:04

I have imported excel spreadsheet with iterative calculations, so several of my input cells have the same value (example, row cells from F5 to P5 will have the same value). Is there a way that I can, in mu calculator, define cell F5 as an input and somehow populate other cells with the same value of F5 without importing all of them into the calculator?

Re: Excel Spreadsheet 13.07.2017 08:29

not sure if we've understood properly the question, sorry. If you want to 'send' same input value from the page form to several cells of the spreadsheet you can do it at the mapping section

myvalue -> F5
myvalue -> G5

but if you don't want to use this mapping, you can copy that value at the spreadsheet instead, including only the first mapping

myvalue -> F5

and then at the excel sheet you can spread/copy this same value using formulas

G5 =F5
H5 =F5


not sure if this solves your question, please let us know further details in case you need additional help

Moonsoft Team
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