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Calculator button not working 21.01.2016 11:18

The calculator does not show anything, when the page is loaded. I have to change some value to make it calculate.

Furthermore, the calculator button does not work (even though I set the automatic calc off).

Finally, the export PDF file shows ##IPSSR## instead for the IPSSR value.

Can you help?

Re: Calculator button not working 21.01.2016 13:18


We checked your site and seems 'Exit layout' seems to be empty, so calculator doesn show anything. If 'Exit Layout' is set, maybe is due to a js compressor plugin(plg_jchoptimize). Did you try with 'javascript compressor' plugins disabled?

About PDF, please double check you have set any field with 'variable' IPSSR or a variable in code called $IPSSR .

If you place a ticket in helpdesk attaching your exported calculator and/or disable 'compressor' plugins, we could be more specific.

Moonsoft Team
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