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Cannot save pre-form HTML 10.11.2015 08:44

When I type in pre-form HTML and press save, the text disappears. I have tried to import the BMI calc from your webpage. Here the pre-form HTML appears, but I cannot save any changes.

What can I do?

Re: Cannot save pre-form HTML 10.11.2015 10:55

can you please confirm which version of joomla are you using and the default joomla editor you have active for your site? We'll try to reproduce here. Maybe you could also try to switch the editor for a while an try to save again, in order to discard an editor issue.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Cannot save pre-form HTML 11.11.2015 23:17

I am using Joomla! 3.4.4.

My editor is JoomlaCK, but it is the same with the build-in TinyMCE.

It does, however, work when I turn off the editor or use RokPad, which is my solution for now. But it would be nice to be able to use my editor...

Thank you!

Edited by glente - 11.11.2015 23:18

Re: Cannot save pre-form HTML 12.11.2015 11:09

we are not able to reproduce here, using TinyMCE or any other editor, we get the field saved properly for all cases. It seems a specific site issue, maybe any plugin affecting to joomla wrapper used to load your editor. If you want us to check your site, please place a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an access, we'll debug there and let you know which is the origin of the issue.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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