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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' i 31.08.2015 23:27

Hi, I am getting:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in /home/arbitrate/public_html/components/com_calcbuilder/models/calcbuilder.php(407) : eval()'d code on line 1 at

What can be cauaing this problem?



Re: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' i 01.09.2015 09:47

that message means you have an error at the 'code' section of your calculator. Most common syntax error is to forget to end each line with a ;
You can double check your code to find any missing ; or comment/delete for a while blocks of your code until you have the form working again, to spot the line containing the issue.

If you are unable to find the syntax error, you can place a ticket at the helpdesk and paste your code there, so we'll take a look.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' i 01.09.2015 16:14


Our Code Area is currently empty as we did not see any instructions on entering the code on the Spreadsheet integration video.

All the calculations are being made in the spreadsheet

What code should we add ?



Edited by optimized - 01.09.2015 16:54

Re: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' i 01.09.2015 19:14

that's right, you can keep your code area empty if you don't need to do any further processing with your inputs and/or outputs. However, is strange because that error is being thrown by the code section, please double check you don't have any missing character saved at that area that could be causing the issue. If you can't see any content there, please export your calculator, zip it and attach to a private ticket (the spreadsheet is not needed) at your helpdesk or share an access to your site and we'll take a look.

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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