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default number in field 13.01.2012 03:05

Hi. I'm no php coder so some of this may seem really noob. I am trying to build a calculator that has 2 input fields.

Field 1: input number
Field 2: input number (percentage) but has a starting default number (6%) that can be changed
Calculation: Field 1 multiplied by Field 2 (percentage), dvided by 2 then multiplied by 20% = answer

Can u give sample code I can start working off of? I need to create a variety of these that use simular formulas.


Re: default number in field 13.01.2012 08:37


We suggest you to start with "4 basic operations & formatting numbers" example. You can get it at Calcbuilder download. Unzip, import it at calcbuilder backend and you can find simple maths operations with two fields.
About default values, I´m sorry to tell you that you can´t show a default value in field. This is a common suggestion we consider to build it in new releases.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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