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CB and multible Calculators 10.04.2015 01:57

II am working on c calculator that will have a list of services where a user can select multiple items from the form and will calculate total cost and to book an appointment then send result to email

similar to to my test site built using CodeIgnitor

here you see the calculator on home page select a few items then click book now takes you to calendar and total result

and finally send result to email

The services Calculator has been started need help with understand this....

can the addition 2 steps calender and result form and send result to email be done as one CB calculator or multiple, if multiple can they be link together, if so how would they be linked?

Can a basic calendar be created in CB


Re: CB and multible Calculators 10.04.2015 09:23

Calcbuilder is a module, so if you need a several step calculator you will need to use php session code, or javascript code.

- For linking calculators accross multiple pages. You would place two different calculators in two different pages, and a link to the second one at the result section of the first. At the first calculator code you need to store the values at php session, in order you can recover them at the code of the second one and print them at the output, include them at the email...etc. Here more detailed information about sessions use.

- For using a single calculator with the two steps at the same page. You can include your input form into two different divs. Give them two different ids, and style the second one as display:none. Now add a button to 'travel' to the second one, it should hide the first div, and show the second one.

As this could be interesting for many users, we'll add in the next days a new example at the download section 'Two steps calculator', that can be used as template and to check how this type of calculator can be built.

About the calendar, you have the type 'date', that displays a calendar to choose one date, please remember to configure the date format preferred at your calculator configuration in order to have it working properly.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: CB and multible Calculators 10.04.2015 12:12

Just realized there was already an example at download section of a calculator with several steps (and transition effects). Also added a more simple one with just two steps that you can also download from your customer area an use as template.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: CB and multible Calculators 11.04.2015 17:29

awesome thank you for the advice glad I can get this done all I need to do is decide which option works best.
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