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Problem with my form 03.09.2014 11:09

Goodday you all,

I have a problem. I want to make a form with Calcbuilder.
But i keep getting the following problems.

The form:

The form is a party reservation system were people can calculate the costs before booking.

It is a 5 step form with different options. after completing the form they can see the cost by clicking the calculate button. After that they can book the party they want. There for they click on the "next" button. They come on the next page where they can add there contacts.

After the reservation they reserve a mail and i reserve a mail.

My problems:

- How can i make a form that gives you a "calculate" button and a "next" button?
- How can i make a reservation button that mails the reservation to me and the client?


I use joomla 2.5
i am coming from the netherlands (excuse me for the bad writing)
If you want i can send you my form so you can take a look at it.


Re: Problem with my form 03.09.2014 19:53

in order to show users a result, and then 'confirm' or book and launch emails, we can suggest to create your results as 'inline results', this way they will calculate automatically while users enter input data. Create new fields typed 'inline', introduce the math for them same way you do for normal results, and place them at the input form.

Below the results, maybe hidden with javascript and shown with a button you can create directly with html, you can place the contact data fields.

Now you can change the text of the 'calculate' button to 'book' and configure the calculator using 'preferences' tab to email you and/or user with the form information.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Problem with my form 04.09.2014 14:14

Thanks for your answer.

But i cant do it. maybe a leg of knoledge...

Is there a person who can make my form working?

Re: Problem with my form 04.09.2014 16:44


We have a Custom Calculator Service. If you want us to build calculator, please send an email to with specifications (forms, calculations and results) in an excel/openoffice file and we'll send you a quote and delivery time.

Moonsoft Team
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