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Is there any complete documentation? 24.02.2014 01:52

Is there any complete documentation?

I'm trying to create my first form:

1. I cannot figure out how to make the form work.
I hit calculate and nothing happens.

2. How do I display results variables? I have this formula:

$OnSiteAutoclaveResults=(0.000212142857142857 * $weight )+3.99

How do I display the value of OnSiteAutoclaveResults either on output or in real time?

Re: Is there any complete documentation? 24.02.2014 09:17


If you more info about how to use Calcbuilde features, you can take a look at quick guide( or check out any video( or search in this forum.

About display any result variables, you could go to 'Exit Layout' in your calculator and write ##OnSiteAutoclaveResults## to see the result of this variable. Also you could get this variable in 'real time' adding a field with type 'Inline result' and variable 'OnSiteAutoclaveResults', then write in Form Layout ##OnSiteAutoclaveResults## to see result when any of the fields in form change (real time).

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team
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