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use (Required) Name 02.11.2013 13:19

Is it posible to use the content of "Name" in de form or code

name: posible
Variable: _pos

in code $_pos
in form ##_pos##

But can I call the content of the field name in the form and or code?

something like ##_pos[name]## can't find it in the manual or forum.

Re: use (Required) Name 04.11.2013 11:43

the backend name is used only when form is created automatically, to create the proper label for the input fields, and for your identification at fields configuration, as variable names have more restrictions about characters allowed. You can't access that value at the code (unless you launch a query to the calcbuilder database,where configuration is stored).

There are some field types that allow $_pos_name, they are the option/radio values, and this variable stores the label of the option selected, instead of the value, but there's no access to the field name of the backend.

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