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price calculator 09.01.2013 17:55

I need help with the calculation. I need to have the product between Prezzo and Qta as totale (for several voices) then I need to calculate the global total.
So I have these fields:
Voices, Price, Qta, Total(Price*Qta)
and then the global Total.
The Price values are defined by the administrator of the site, the qta are input by the user.
The form should be like a table with four colums and the Global Total as final calculation.
May you give me some advice?
Thanks Marco
If you want you can contact me at [edited]

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Re: price calculator 09.01.2013 18:30

this can be done with this simple code. Let's say you named your input fields this way:


and you already created your input form with these fields inside.

At the code section, you will need something like this:


//this are the configurable prices.And then we'll calculate subtotals:


//all subtotals added together, will do the final total


Now you can configure your output at the output layout, you can print any input, intermediate of final result inside the output html, using ##total## sintax. You can try this for the output:

You inserted at qta1 field the value ##qta1## and the result of the line is ##subtotal1##. The total is ##total##

You can arrange your results as needed using the output editor.

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: price calculator 14.01.2013 12:18

Thanks for this advice. I would need something different: the administrator writes the voices and the prices of the form/database and the user select the qta and has the subtotal and the total. In this way the price field must be readonly for the user. I think if it is possible to use 2 sections, one for the admin and the other one for the user. The problem is how and is it possible to save the voices and the prices values in a database and recall them on the 2 section for the user?
Let me know if it is possible or too difficult.

Re: price calculator 15.01.2013 09:56

with the solution we gave you the admin would write the voices and prices from the backend, using form layout, that way user would see prices as plain text. The prices would be constants for the calculator code, so they would be used also there to calculate prices and show the results (but below the form).

But if you want to get rid of the calculate button and show the results inline the input form, or even create a dynamic input table (for example the admin can create a option list from backend with texts/prices, that input list be included at form layout (hidden), and perform some js code that turns that options into a full functional table with texts/prices/input fields and dynamic results). All can be done with calcbuilder, but you will need at least an average level of javascript to get that result.

If you want us to build that kind of code, please note we also have available a custom calculator service, for which we send the calculator ready to import. Think your calculator would fit into standard service quote, if you let us know which is your preferred approach, we'll confirm that if you are interested.

Thank you, best regards
Moonsoft Team
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