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Image problem 10.09.2012 15:19

Hi, I'm currently making a feature using advisor and the images I added only work when the module is displayed on the homepage. When I move it to a different article none of the images work. Any ideas why this could be?

Re: Image problem 10.09.2012 15:30

maybe you have saved image urls with a relative path that doesn't match the final destination of the article. Please double check that your urls point to the right folder when published at the article, or you could also configure your editor to save paths as absolute to ensure they are reached from every folder.

Hope this helps,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Image problem 10.09.2012 15:42

Hi, no I haven't done that I added the images via your advisor tool the same as I would with any other module and I've never had this problem before

Re: Image problem 10.09.2012 16:04

in fact, you add content through your default joomla html editor, which as you state, is the same that you use for example to edit articles, the component doesn't modify the editor information.If it's saving relative or absolute paths depends on the editor configuration.

Please check which is the path being created for your images, using 'Toggle editor' option to show which path is the editor saving.

If it's a relative path, such as


try to force it to the absolute one


Then you could go to the article and compare the resulting urls from relative/absolute and find why is failing to display.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Image problem 11.09.2012 18:17

Thanks for your help, the images work when absolute
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