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Demo is different from install 27.10.2015 18:55


In the demo it's possible to click on the number in the header (blue circle) and you can go back a step.

I have installed version 0.2.6 and although there is now a back button, it's no longer possible to click back in the breadcrumb. (the blue ball numbers at the top)

Also the screen shots and back-end demo are nothing like what I see?

Re: Demo is different from install 28.10.2015 17:08

the look of the extension depends on which version you're using. The one you can see here:

is the first release of the extension (0.0.1)

If you follow the link on that page which says
New examples and backend demo....

you will see a newer version of Advisor, but as you can check with the backend access, it's still running on a Joomla 2.5 version.Your backend will show the new look and feel of Joomla template if you are using a Joomla 3.x, otherwise you should have same content you see at demo backend and at the screenshots of the main info page.

The latest version includes the back button for last step instead the free navigation using the toolbar, this is because now the steps are not fixed, but dynamic also depending on previous answers.

You could try to use another version of the extension if you prefer the old behaviour, the whole list of functions added at each version can be checked at (Versions tab).

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team
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