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Help with flows/questions 27.09.2014 12:57


Im trying to get this right and cant get my head around it.

Now I want to create this flow

What products do you like?
> Product 1 > yes > do you want this feature > yes > product solution
> no > other products solution

> Product 2 > new different question > yes/no > yes > product
> no > other products solution

Re: Help with flows/questions 29.09.2014 12:58

if you need your flow show different questions depending on the previous answers, you will need to set the parameter 'precondition' for your questions.
Asuming option 'product 1' has value P1 and 'product 2' P2, you will now create the second level of questions

- Do you want this feature?
- A new different question

Both questions will have the same parent question/Previous step, the first one, but different Precondition set:

- Do you want this feature? will have precondition P1, so it will be shown only if product 1 is selected at the previous step.

- A new different question will have precondition P2.

Then you can configure your solutions selecting the proper combination of answers, leaving blank the ones not applicable.

Hope this helps, please let us know if you need more help with these settings.

Moonsoft Team
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