Product Advisor

Product Advisor

This extension allows you to create a flow of questions for your customers, showing the products that are more suitable for them according to their answers.

  • Allows to create different flows with different number of questions
  • Dynamic next step/question according to previous answers
  • You can configure any number of solutions, including specific products or whole categories
  • Layout configuration
  • Configurable transition effects while completing the flow

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Magento versions 1.7 +

Moonsoft Product Advisor - Configuration

First step is to create a flow. Each flow can contain a different number of questions/answers and solutions, and you can publish several flows in different pages of your site.
The flow has these basic parameters:
  • Name
  • Effects configuration: you choose among different transition effects and its duration
  • View settings: select if you want to show/hide the button to restart the flow, the questions title and the breadcrum

Product Advisor screenshot
Now you can create a set of questions and a set of solutions for your flow.


A question has a title, its order in the flow, and a layout configuration to configure the number of columns for the view.
Product Advisor screenshot
You can also choose a 'precondition' for your question. This question will only be shown according to previous answers. If the precondition is not met, the next question in the flow (following the order) will be presented. You can have several questions with the same order at the flow, the preconditions will force the right path for your users depending on their previous selections.
This allows you to configure different paths of questions for your users according to their answers or to skip any question dynamically if it is no relevant anymore.
Product Advisor screenshot
Each question will show a set of options to choose from, user must click on the answer to travel to the next step.
Each option will have an image attached and you can set an order to be arranged on the layout.
Product Advisor screenshot


This configuration matches users selections with your catalog products and/or categories.
A solution will show the selected products and categories if your user answers match the required conditions.
A condition is a set of selections for each step (you can select several possible answers for each step), or none (which will mean 'whatever').
The solution will be valid if all steps match the configured condition answers. As you can add more conditions to the solution, it will be valid if any of the condition (rows) is met.
Product Advisor screenshot

Product selection
If you want to set specific products to show for a solution you can search by name/sku and selected the required products.

Product Advisor screenshot
Category selection
If you want to link one solution to a whole category (or several ones), you can use the tree navigator to choose among your catalog categories.
You can configure if you want to add individually all products of those categories to the result view, or if you prefer to show a link to the selected categories.

Product Advisor screenshot

Front end view

The front end will show the configured steps, each one with its set of possible answers, and will travel to the next appropiate step of the flow. When all questions are answered, the solutions will be evaluated and the matching products and categories will be shown to the user. You will be leading to your customers to specific products of your catalog that are the most suitable according to the information recovered during the flow.
Product Advisor screenshot

Product Advisor screenshot

Product Advisor screenshot

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