InfoShop allows you to create one or more stores and show their details.

  • Create several stores belonging to your sites.
  • Configure, image, name, address of your shop.
  • Create date ranges to define open days.
  • Configure open hours within your date ranges to define your store calendar
  • Include links to your social pages.
  • Shows stores directory, with links, timetable and calendar, open hours for present week, maps and route to each store.
  • Year calendar showing open days and timetable
  • Single store view with contact form

Magento versions 1.7 +

In order to have proper permissions of the admin set for the extension, you must go to System->permissions->Roles
Access your admin profile->role resources, and save. Now you can enter the main config page:
Moonsoft Infoshop - Configuration
Infoshop screenshot

These 3 config sections allow to set up the general settings of InfoShop.
  • Layout: Allows to hide/show title and set the columns arrangement for different displays/devices.
  • List options:Allows to hide/show different options at the front-end.
  • Google map: Configuration for map view.

Stores Management
Infoshop - Stores
Infoshop screenshot

This management page will show all your created stores, with options to edit, delete and create new stores.
Store Configuration - General
Infoshop screenshot
  • Website:select the website this store belongs to.
  • Name: Store name
  • Image: Main image of the store
  • Layout Open: text to show when store is open at the date user is accessing. Allows HTML content.
  • Layout Closed: text to show when store is closed at the date user is accessing. Allows HTML content.
  • Date Open Background Color: select the color you want to show for days when this store is open at the calendar.
  • Date Closed Background Color:select the color you want to show for days when this store is closed at the calendar.

Store Configuration - Contact and Social
Infoshop screenshot
Here you can fill additional data of each store regarding contact and social links.
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • www
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked In

Store Configuration - Location
Infoshop screenshot
Here you can fill the full address of this store, and the latitude/longitude to show at the map. These lag/long settings will be automatically filled according to the address in case you leave them empty.

Store Configuration- Open dates/hours
Select 'date ranges' button in order to configure open dates and hours for each store:
Infoshop screenshot
A store calendar is built adding as many date ranges as needed (each one with from/to day and month) , and within each date range, several opening hours can be configured:
Infoshop screenshot Infoshop screenshot Infoshop screenshot
With these options you can create complex combinations of dates and opening hours in order to create your store whole calendar.

Infoshop - resume calendar
This view will show you the result of your stores calendar configuration. It will fill the calendar with the open and close dates, and if one day is clicked, it's open hours will be shown. You can navigate through your stores to check your calendar configuration is properly done before publishing for the front end. Infoshop screenshot

What will you get at the front side?
Your users will have available a store directory where general information is shown using the layout configured.
Infoshop screenshot
Each shop will show its custom image, address, state and open hours today, contact and social links, and also these options regarding location and calendar:

Week: open hours for this week:
Infoshop screenshot

Calendar: Full year calendar with open/closed dates colored as configured. Clicking each day the detail of open hours will appear. User can navigate through different stores calendar and go back to stores directory.
Infoshop screenshot

Map: Map with store location and options to create a route from another place.
Infoshop screenshot Infoshop screenshot

Single store view:
You can also publish single store views where all information is shown and also a contact form can be used to gather user comments.
Infoshop screenshot
In order to create a single store view you can add this code at any of your pages
{{block type="timeline/onestore" template="moonsoft/timeline/front/onestore.phtml" store="X" contactus="Y"}}

where 'X' is the ID of the store you want to show, and 'Y' is the option (true/false) to show/hide contact us form

{{block type="timeline/onestore" template="moonsoft/timeline/front/onestore.phtml" store="1" contactus="true"}}

Contact us section will show default Magento contact us form (System->configuration->contacts).

Infoshop screenshot

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General conditions

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  • Use it FOREVER without limitation
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