Support packs

With these general support packs what you get is a technician's time ready to work on the tasks you choose. You may need to clear up some doubts about the administration of your site, adjust some styles, or maybe fix some code errors. You have several packs that you can get according to the estimated volume or complexity of the work.

The remaining hours not consumed don't expire, you can use them at any time in the future for any other task.

These is a list of tasks that would be covered by our support packs:

  • General support
  • Installation and configuration of any type of extensions.
  • Solve configuration problems or questions
  • Fix issues and conflicts among extensions.
  • Site migration / restoration
  • Custom development
  • New extensions on demand
  • Add new features to existing extensions
  • Optimization and bug fixes
  • Template/style customization
  • Migration and updates
  • Integration with external systems (ERPs,CRMs,document management, invoice systems..)
  • Code support: help with html,php,javascript,java,sql,flex or actionscript languages.

You can contact us in advance to get an estimate of the expected time a task takes to complete, so you can choose the right pack accordingly. Feel free to ask about any other work not listed here.

* Taxes will be added for UE customers (billing address is in the European Union) and you don't provide a valid VAT number or if you are Spanish customer.

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