XLSPrice Calculator


XLS Calculator allows you to create dynamic prices using an excel file, you can freely combine formulas and use product data, like custom fields selected, basic price and/or quantity added. Also you will have available current user, store and group to include at the calculations.

  • Create an excel/odt file containing your price calculator.
  • Use custom field values, basic price, quantities, user data, store and/or dynamic data.
  • Asign your calculator to products and/or product categories.
  • You will see prices calculating and changing dynamically for your products

Demo site: click here to check some working examples
New!. You can fully try this extension before your purchase at our demo site, please contact us at presales email you'll find below and we'll create a test account for you.
You will be able to configure your own product/s and your excel sheet at the demo site so you'll check how powerful this component is and all possibilities it offers. After your purchase you will only need to use same excel sheet to have it working at your site.
Magento versions 1.7 +

Moonsoft XLSPrice Calculator - Configuration
Show dynamic pricing for your products configured using an excel file. You will have available for creating your calculations all user inputs for the custom fields, user and group data, basic product data, the quantity...so you only have to place the calculated price at the output cell. You can also return a customized message and allow/disable the add to cart button for the options selected.
To calculate the result you can use the excel normally, introducing formulas, using functions, or searching data from other data sheets, like if you're working with an off-line excel file .
To create a calculator, you only need to attach it to the product and upload your excel file. The excel calculator will launch dynamically at the product page and also at the cart update. You'll be creating complex price rules a using a powerful tool.
XLSPrice calculator screenshot XLSPrice calculator screenshot Products configuration. You can use default product custom fields to add options, texts or any other field to your products. The basic price of the product can be also used as an input for the calculation. XLSPrice calculator screenshot Build your excel You will have available for your excel the custom fields selected and also some additional values that you can use if needed for your calculation:
  • Store
  • Baseprice
  • Qty
  • User
  • Group
  • Product
  • Date
  • ..all custom fields

Configure the rest of your excel as preferred, using formulas, ranges, conditions or any other calculation you're able to build using the spreadsheet and the input parameters. XLSPrice calculator screenshot
You can create as many different calculators as you need to configure your products prices. XLSPrice calculator screenshot
Attach the calculators to products and/or categories of products. XLSPrice calculator screenshot XLSPrice calculator screenshot

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