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Hyperlinks Support 20.07.2012 20:35

Are there any plans to add a field that can be used to store a web site? My kludge is creating the field, website, as TEXT and entering the HTML--i.e.

<a href=""></a>

When the field is displayed on the front-end, it is now clickable. Unfortunately if someone exports the data, they get the HTML code.


Re: Hyperlinks Support 23.07.2012 17:25

in order to store html, you should use the type 'HTML'. This will allow you to create the links with your html editor, and also get the right format when exporting records. Please check the demo page:

Second example: Quick guides List

The last field includes links to the guides, but html is not displayed when exporting.

Best regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: Hyperlinks Support 29.07.2012 01:54

Great! I changed the type from TEXT to HTML Editor. I pulled up one record and, fortunately, didn't need to change the HTML code I used to create the hyperlink. Thanks for that. Yes, code does not appear in downloads.

Re: Hyperlinks Support 10.01.2013 11:24

Hi there,

I have one comment on this. I have been testing this for a customer and found out that the hyperlinks show up in the filter part and this can create some problems. The item does not work in the select menu and the checkbox has an empty line and a link underneath. In fact if you use hyperlinks and you want to use filters as well, you still need to use a textbox type.

Maybe you can change this in the next version.

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