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Suggestions 18.10.2011 14:10

Hello Moonsoft Team!

Today I purchased and installed list manager.

As I checked out some lists, I found some small issues and some suggestions for improvements:

* Values of field type "number" should be right-adjusted. (Optionally every field should be left-, center- or right-adjustable)
* Defined "decimals" at a number field do not work properly as they are completely ignored.
* The row of totals should only show those sums, that make really sense. (e.g. a total of single unit prices does not)
So totals of fields should be selectable on every field definition when field type "number" is selected.
* Every field should have its own option to set it to "not editable", even if the row is editable.
This way you can show some values, that can't be changed by the user.

Re: Suggestions 18.10.2011 14:11

thank you very much for your feedback, we gather user suggestions from one version to the next to make an improved release, this will be of big help.
You're right about decimals, somehow we've lost the validator when building last changes, we'll include it again for next one.
About styles, we're thinking in creating special css classes for each type of field, this way, you could customize the view not only for alignment, but for the rest of style attributes as well.
And regarding access rights, we've received a lot of requests of how it should work (very different each other), we'll try to make some general behaviour that fit as much cases as possible.

The updates are sent to purchasers, so for now, you don't have to login at your site to download upgrades, maybe in the future we'll change this method, but we'd keep everybody informed.

If you want to contribute with your translation we'd be glad to include it at our site with acknowledgements for you, sure it will come in useful, as we have a big number of german visitors and purchasers.

Again thank you for your comments,

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Moonsoft Team

Re: Suggestions 18.10.2011 14:12

Hello again,

Thank you for your detailed answers!

At further tests I found two more issues:
a) In the backend, after using "load data" you can see a list of the loaded data.
If you try to delete "all" these records with the above marker, then no record will be marked. You have to mark every record manually.
b) At the moment, it's not possible to define at which access level editing of a record will be allowed.
It would be useful, if e.g. "registered" (or higher levels) users could edit records whereas normal users can only read these records.
Maybe it's just another request regarding access rights...

And some more suggestions for versions at (very) later times:
a) Include already existing tables.
b) Read values from other tables instead of using (big) option list fields
c) Let users design input forms with simple "labels" and "values".
d) Include picture fields without the need of html code (that's ok for administrators, but not for users)

Re: Suggestions 29.01.2012 13:33


This suggestion : Include already existing tables would be very usefull.
Do you plan to do it ? and if yes (as I expect) when ?


Re: Suggestions 30.01.2012 10:53


that is a feature requested some other times, and let in stand-by process until future versions because it is a complex one, and most of all, we receive different approaches of how it should work, so we should look for a standard solution that fits most of the users.
Under your point of view, could you post which should be the detailed behaviour of this new field type? (in terms of configuration fields to be defined and front-end view).

Thank you very much for your feedback, best regards
Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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