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CSV Import... Replace Existing Data Checkbox 04.04.2014 04:00

The way I'm using List Manager is requiring me to upload a master CSV file on a regular basis.... right now I have to manually delete 1000+ records from the Joomla back-end prior to the import before I do the upload (because it's the same core data but with numerous changes)

What I'm used too with other applications is a 'Replace Existing Data' checkbox (unchecked by default!) - Could we have that in List Manager?

So if you check it, all entries in that particular table would be removed before the new data is added....

Hope you can consider it!

Re: CSV Import... Replace Existing Data Checkbox 04.04.2014 10:19


Thanks for your suggestion. This feature could be very useful. We added to users suggestion lists for future releases.

Moonsoft Team
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