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Option List with LINKS 30.05.2012 22:46

Hi is it possible to add a URL to a Option list box field?
Thanks for any help

Re: Option List with LINKS 31.05.2012 09:59

you can add an url as a value, or a label of an option list. Not sure if you are asking about having the options work as links, this is not possible with html tags. To do that, you'd have to add some other button or javascript events to your page, with a code able to recover option value and make the link.

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: Option List with LINKS 02.06.2012 14:58

Thx for the answer just to be sure.

I want a combo box with 4 option each option is a link to a external URL.. But when a put a URL in the value it dosent work.. so you say i have to put a code behind to make it a link? Thx.

Great component by the way! Just purchase it

Re: Option List with LINKS 03.06.2012 12:46

thank you for your feedback. Yes, default html 'select' tag doesn't allow link creation or any other code inside the options (it's not a LM restriction, it's about html itself), so in order to get that special behaviour, you would have to code it, adding some js to your page.

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team

Re: Option List with LINKS 06.06.2012 03:37

Do you have and example of what the .JS code should look like? and do i have to do anything to the module it self or just by adding a .JS code to my HTML page can make it work?

Re: Option List with LINKS 06.06.2012 09:57


Sorry, but we don´t have any example of this feature. Maybe you could get some examples searching in internet.
About second question, maybe you´ll need to add js code to your template.

Moonsoft Team
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