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Can filter checkboxes, ignore NULL value? 27.06.2023 12:04

I have two fields in my table that are either "Yes" or NULL. When I use them as a filter with checkboxes I see:
[] Yes

But what I want to see is just:
[] Yes

Is there a way to make it not show NULL values as an option?

If I wanted to show the top option (I don't know why someone would want to... but *if*) I could always change the NULL values to just an empty string. But for me, I want to hide that option and only have the filter show the YES checkbox.

Re: Can filter checkboxes, ignore NULL value? 28.06.2023 08:43

there is no way to hide specific values from a filter, sorry. When you create a filter the possible options will be all different values present at your data table, (and this is required, because you would lose the option to filter only the 'empty' values otherwise).

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