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Error 1054 Unknown column 20.12.2016 17:03

Not sure what happened but after attempting to put in an options list for a form field I am no longer able to use the Manage Data option. Each time I click the button I receive the following message: 1054 Unknown column 'Antiques' in 'where clause' SQL=select value from #__listmanager_field_multivalue where idobj=1 and id=Antiques

There is not a column for Antiques and and there should not be a column. Antiques should be an option in the options list drop down field. I have updated the version of List Manager but I as still receiving the error.
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Re: Error 1054 Unknown column 21.12.2016 09:08


Maybe your have old data inserted before using option list (maybe using a text field) and that's why it finds a word where it should be an id (integer). If this is your case, please place a ticket at helpdesk and we'll try to get a solution at your site.

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