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ACL: Removing rights for group "public" does not work 20.11.2015 11:00

Hi guys,

Backend: Configur Access Control: all ticks in row "public" removed.
Show/Hide Front sections: Toolbar visible

So, public visitors of the site can view the table es well as the edit tools.

Unfortunately, all the tools still work!
Public users CAN add, edit, delete records, despite the ACL config.

Am I missing something?

Description of use case:
One group of users creates records
Another group of users is allowed to modify just one field

More testing: Nothing I do using ACL has any effect in frontend
The only thing that works is Access Control option in ListManager Menu item, using AccessControl "See all/edit only user records"
But that is not what I need.

Thanks for your help,

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Re: ACL: Removing rights for group 'public' does not work 20.11.2015 20:13

please note if you're using joomla 3 your non-logged users will have two groups assigned, 'public' and 'guest'. Please try to remove the rights also for 'guest' group, then try again the list. Let us know if you have further problems with acl configuration.

Moonsoft Team

Re: ACL: Removing rights for group 'public' does not work 21.11.2015 00:39

Yep. Modifying rights of Public as well as Guest does the trick. Thanks!

Another observation on the same topic:

I do have planned a nested user group architecture

Now I have a user that is member of registeredUsers and ProjectTeamTwo groups

If I want this user to be able to just selectively modify lists, I have to set the desired ACL for

I admit, my nested group architecture is a probably not the common case, so most people would not even notice, I guess...

The behavior actually is fine. The deeper nested groups inherit the "allow" permissions of the upper level. The only little glitch: For the nested groups in the ACL dialog the behavior is not reflected correctly: Those that inherit an "allow" right should have a greyed out tick mark.

Re: ACL: Removing rights for group 'public' does not work 23.11.2015 10:49


Thanks for your suggestion, we added to List Manager user wishlist for future releases.

Moonsoft Team
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