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Need help with Front-end Editing 12.11.2015 14:34


Great product but there is one thing (front-end Editing) i did not get to work.

I have created a list in the component
I have created a view
I have set [Configure access control] under super users all the marks
Set some configurations to show it as a card
I have created a menu item [list manager] and select the view
Allow changes is set to YES
I login into Joomla with my super-user account
I go to the created menu link and press the [edit icon]
A pop up is showing with the buttons [cancel] and [save] and the content is empty

I don't see any fields which i can change, what am i doing wrong?


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Re: Need help with Front-end Editing 12.11.2015 20:36

please double check you have created/generated any form content at 'form layout' section, and that the contents are properly saved when you come back.
The rest of the steps seem ok to us, let us know if you need further help.

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