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customized class disappeared after update 06.10.2015 11:15


I just updated ListManager from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0 and my added classes are not added anymore :

For example, my field 'Nom du service' has a Css class ' nomService' that I use to style the lmcardcontentblock div within my result page.

It used to give that html:

div class="lmcardcontentblock nomService"

But now, the added class is nowhere to be seen :

div class="lmcardcontentblock"

I checked the corresponding fields in backoffice and they still have the class names.

I fear I have to revert to the previous version or to re-add my records.
Please, if you got another solution.


Edited by moon_1262 - 06.10.2015 11:16

Edited by moon_1262 - 06.10.2015 11:16

Re: customized class disappeared after update 06.10.2015 12:11

OK. I realized this problem appeared already in previous version and that I resolved it by modifying your code ( cf. I guess I will just merge my previous modification with the new version.

But please do add classes to card view.


Re: customized class disappeared after update 07.10.2015 09:41

yes, in fact we didn't added this as a bug so your tweak was not included in new releases, but we have added it now so it will appear for next update. The solution would be the same, adding the styleclass

'+largecontentclassblock+' '+header.styleclass+'" '+cursorlarge+'

to the card_content_block at listmanager.js

Thanks, regards
Moonsoft Team
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