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add filter 15.03.2015 14:52

on my site it is not possible to filter the first column. In the sidebar I show the module with the filters, but only the 2nd (Titel) and 3rd (Erscheinungsjahr) column is shown. Where can I add the filter "Autor" (1st column)?

thanks a lot

Re: add filter 16.03.2015 09:47

in order to show filters for an specific column, you need to check the configuration of that field at your fields backend. Filters will be created for fields having the 'autofilter' type set to any valid option (select,text, or checkbox multiple).

Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: add filter 16.03.2015 16:08

Thank you. That helped!

Re: add filter 07.04.2015 20:46

Is this true for Yes/No field types? I can't get it to work.

Re: add filter 08.04.2015 09:28


Yes, maybe there is no (yes/no) data in your list (add field but no add/edit records later), so it couldn't show Yes/No values. Try to save any result in your list and check filters again.

Moonsoft Team
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