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Link to complete view 14.11.2011 20:57

Your extension seems very interesting, but I have a question. I have a list, let's say a products list, with numerous fields. I don't want to show all fields in the list, but only selected ones. Is there a way to view all fields while clicking on the product ? I don't think so, reading your documentation. But is it a future task you're planning ?

Re: Link to complete view 14.11.2011 21:46

you're right, at this time you can choose which fields are going to appear at the list, and the only way to view all is to click on 'edit' link on each record, that displays input form where all fields are shown (but also allows your users to change the values).

We're just working on a new version of the extension, which will include extended features regarding access rights, so you could allow the edit option (that you could change for something more addecuate like 'full view'), while disabling changes for all fields/groups.

Hope you find it interesting, thank you for your feedback.

Moonsoft Team
Moonsoft Team
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