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LM hangs on loading data 13.01.2014 15:17

I created a list and added 2 rows in the backend.
I checked in the frontend if the list did show up and it did.
Then I added a few more rows in the backend. This time the frontend shows the page, the list header (with search field etc.) but it shows a circular image "loading" which doesn't stop. Even after several minutes, nothing happens and no data is shown.
In the backend all is ok and the list shows up immediately.
Any idea?

Re: LM hangs on loading data 13.01.2014 16:23

if data doesn't show it may be due to any script error, maybe some other part of the site conflicting with lm script. If you place a private ticket at the helpdesk and share your url we will take a look and confirm if its a script or a data issue.

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Moonsoft Team
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