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Search Module trigger search on "enter" 24.12.2013 19:02

Is it possible to set the Search Module to trigger the search on "enter" after typing the search term?

It seems now that that the user must press the "search" button.

Re: Search Module trigger search on 'enter' 26.12.2013 11:13


You should add some code at JOOMLA/modules/mod_listmanagersearch/assets/js/listmanagersearch.js. Add this:

var code = event.which;


var val=$(this).parent().find('.lms_search_input').val();
if (typeof observable !='undefined')

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Search Module trigger search on 'enter' 27.12.2013 02:45

Brilliant! works fine. Many thanks!
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