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Form generator does not work 09.11.2013 13:09

I am trying to generate a form to add or edit the list items. I have used the form generator to do this so the field names are correct. Instead of getting the entry boxes I get the fieldname surrounded by ## at both ends. The problem is the same for the Add function or the edit function where the fields are not loaded. This is the last problem to fix before going live with the new feature. This product has helped me very much and thank you for your support.
As you know I have made some changes to your code but not in this area.
Further investigation shows that the fields work in the form for the FULL list but do not work on the view. The generation was exactly the same. Should the update work for views?

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Re: Form generator does not work 11.11.2013 11:59

Any chance of some feedback on this issue? Much appreciated...

Re: Form generator does not work 11.11.2013 12:23

sure, we'll make some tests and let you know the solution for the issue, please note you posted during weekend, so this question has been only opened for 3 business hours here. Let you know our comments asap.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Form generator does not work 11.11.2013 12:55

No complaints! Your support is excellent.

The site is a test site - user = ****, pw= ****. Menu item is Members Area - Member Interests - Change my Interests. I also use the list for Search Members Interests - but no editing data. If I allow editing on the full list the form works.

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Re: Form generator does not work 11.11.2013 16:42


We checked your issue and this was solved in latest release(1.2.14). You should download and upgrade your List Manager. But, in case you´ve got a custom version or you made your custom changes, this is what you should change to solve issue:

JOOMLA/modules/mod_listmanager/helper.php, line 38 and
JOOMLA/components/com_listmanager/models/listmanagerfront.php, line 106:


ifnull(v.defaulttext,f.defaulttext) as defaulttext,
ifnull(v.order,f.order) as `order`,


ifnull(v.defaulttext,f.defaulttext) as defaulttext,
ifnull(v.order,f.order) as `order`,

We edit your last post to delete your user/password. If you want to send us credentials, please use helpdesk.

Sorry for inconveniences. Regards,
Moonsoft Team

Re: Form generator does not work 12.11.2013 11:48

Thanks for this - I will use latest release and re-apply my custom code. Hope you implement my modifications for next release - very useful to filter view by profile field. I use Ajax Improved login which allows for custom fields very nicely. These are easily identified in the user profile.
The site is a test site - that is why I provided login info. Thanks for deleting it...
Update - installed new release and the Form works fine. Copied custom php module and renamed after installation. I do have another problem using the filter but I will open a new ticket. This is closed.

Edited by moon_1284 - 12.11.2013 12:15
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