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Text wrap 27.02.2013 01:42

I'm using Listmanager 1.1.1 and joomla 2.5. How do I get the text in a field to wrap?

I tried switching the field from Text to Text Area but still all one line. I am looking at your very nice "Countries" demo, trying to have the cells wrap like that.

Edit: I found the line in the CSS and commented out 'white-space: nowrap;'

I would still like to set column-width in the UI, though.

Edited by moon_682 - 27.02.2013 02:18

Re: Text wrap 27.02.2013 09:26

right, the nowrap property sets if the cells allow text-wraping or not. About setting the columns width, it can be also configured using css. You can find the information here:

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