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more types of var 04.11.2013 01:05

Would be nice if the input field can have the type e-mail

better than fix it with javascript on load

document.getElementById('fld_ID').type = 'email';

Re: more types of var 04.11.2013 13:32

thank you for your feedback. In fact, the 'email' type is not a type itself because it can be easily created using text field and a validator. It's not a well known feature of calcbuilder but as it includes validator plugin, you can also use classes instead of javascript to set field validations, so if you create a text field and you set as Css class property :


You will see the validator applying to ensure a valid email format. You have available other classes able to include validations to the text fields, like


Hope this helps, regards
Moonsoft Team

Re: more types of var 04.11.2013 13:38

Great where can i find more info about the validation plugin

Ps the CCS class email works great but how to translate the text

Please enter a valid email address.

Edited by moon_1209 - 04.11.2013 13:42

Re: more types of var 04.11.2013 13:51

we use this jquery plugin

It adds the validation text automatically, so they are not passing through joomla language file, please find how to translate here:

Moonsoft Team

Re: more types of var 04.11.2013 14:57

Found = "Type een E-mail adres.";

Tryed it before but dont work with the type=email but with the ccs class {email} it works great.

Start to see how it works.

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