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Query Result is not the same as it is supposed to be, what can I do? 09.03.2017 23:21

Sorry for bothering you guys, but perhaps it was because I wrote my post in Spanish, well here it goes in English since I have had no answer... Can you help me out with this issue please?

I am using your amazing extension to query a table in my joomla site that will result in the availability of products, so the process is very simple, with your extension I can manage that all my regional managers can look up for the availability of products using your search field, so they can insert the PRODUCT CODE (which in my table is a unique and primary key column) and then when they CLICK on the SEARCH BUTTON the result will show ONLY the availability for that particular PRODUCT CODE.

Example, In my table i have my PRODUCT_CODE column and AVAILABILITY column with more than 6000 products, And I search for the product 105, which has an availability of 19, I also have a product 10105 which has an availability of 63, another product with be 10507 with an availability of 15 the problem is when I search for 105 it returns the value of product 10105, it looks like the extension is only QUERYING the table with a LIKE statement.

Is there a way to make the search field to query my table with the exact value and returning exactly what I am searching for? I want to have as a result the real value of the PRODUCT CODE my managers are entering in the search field, so if they search for 105, then the result will be 19 and not 63

Can you help me out or point me to any direction on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance for the help and thanks for a great extension!!!

Best regards from mexico city

Re: Query Result is not the same as it is supposed to be, what can I do? 10.03.2017 08:23


In fact, we did answer your question at your previous thread in spanish, you can check our comments here:

Ayer contestamos a tu pregunta en español, puedes verlo en el link:

Moonsoft Team
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