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Edit only my datas 10.02.2016 16:12


The registered users of my site can add entries to a database by filling a form.
The content of this database is displayed using Table Manager in a module called in an article by {loadposition ...}.
In the Table Manager config, I set "Allow delete records" and "Show only user records" both to Yes. Despite this, the table displays all the entries of the different users. I would like that a logged in user could delete his own entries only.
How can I do that ?

Thanks ;)

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Re: Edit only my datas 10.02.2016 17:32

in order to allow your table to recognize which records belong to the actual logged user, we assume you have a column where the user id is stored. Please double-check you have set for that column the edit type=User ID at your fields configuration.

If you can't get it working, you can place a private ticket at the helpdesk sharing an access and we'll check your configuration.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Edit only my datas 11.02.2016 11:28

Thank you, all is ok now !

Nevertheless, I still have a little issue:
The module that hosts the table seems to be having a fixed height. Therefore, if the table is too long, I can only see the first lines. There is no cursor allowing me to scroll down to the other lines.
Is there anything I can do to fix that ?

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Re: Edit only my datas 11.02.2016 14:16

the module you're using is a wrapper, right? Then you have at the module options some settings to set width and height, which you can try to set to 100%. If you still have any hidden overflow, maybe the scrollbars are being hidden by any style of your template, if you can share an url (here or, recommended, privately at the helpdesk), we'll debug your styles and let you know how to adjust.

Moonsoft Team

Re: Edit only my datas 12.02.2016 09:30

Thank you very much for your cooperation ! Greatly appreciated.

Yes the module is a wrapper.

I will open a ticket at your helpdesk and provide you a super admin account with all the details.
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