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mandatory / not null columns 25.02.2015 12:47

Hi, is there a way to avoid that the user leaves any blank field whenever he/she inserts or updates a record? My db is set to not accept NULL values in some fields, but it seems the plugin stores empty strings or empty dates and those are accepted.
Also, how can I make the Add Default Value write in the db an actual NULL?

Re: mandatory / not null columns 25.02.2015 17:51


There is no 'required' function/validation at this time. If you set your db column as NOT NULL, then the database will store a blank value if no input is sent. If you remove the NOT NULL property, then a real null value will be inserted if no input is sent.

Moonsoft Team

Re: mandatory / not null columns 28.02.2015 13:09

That's REALLY a shame, cloud you approximately indicate me the code area where the inputs are taken from the form and sent to the DB, so that I can figure out how to add that functionality on my own? Or possibly is it going to be released any time soon?

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Re: mandatory / not null columns 02.03.2015 08:24


All our components follow Joomla MVC, so you can follow code easily. In Table Manager, data is sent using javascript located at:


From there, and using form values as reference, you can see controllers and models for each request.

Moonsoft Team
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