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Date format 15.11.2014 11:21


i have a tbale with a date collumn (SQL Format Date). In this Column i have values like 2014-09-12.

Now i tryed to bring this in german-date-format. In Table-Manager i set in config/Fields/Date Format to

When i take a look at my table in frontend, this doesnt have any effect, ist still 2014-09-12

Any Idea, what went wrong?

I also tried to bring the Date-Data in other Format direct to table with csv Import, but the german Format 12.09.2014 transformed to something like 2025-01-08.

Hope, someone could help me with that.

Re: Date format 17.11.2014 11:09


Please, can you confirm what exactly Mysql type is date column in your table, for example: VARCHAR,DATE or DATETIME
You can check it using any database viewer like phpmyadmin (usually provieded by your hosting)

Moonsoft Team

Re: Date format 17.11.2014 18:18

Hi, the Type is 'date' (small-letters), the type of the other two collumns in this table is 'varchar(500)' (also small-letters). Standard is NULL not 000-00-00 like in other tables with type datetime - should i change this? Also in my other tables the typ ist written in lower case letters.

I created this Table with the tablemanager csv Import.

When i click the edit-button in phpmyadmin on this Date-Collumn, the type is correct written as DATE.

Edited by moon_1867 - 17.11.2014 18:23

Re: Date format 18.11.2014 11:05


Mysql date format accept on insert only in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format. When you create a new table from csv import, date column data should be in this format. Once you create the table, then add a new table manager associated to this database table and configure a date mask (in your case This date mask is used to see dates in frontend table, but not inserted a date in this format, as mysql only accept 'YYYY-MM-DD' format.

So, you should add date data when create table from csv in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format (mysql date format).

Hope this helps. Regards,
Moonsoft Team
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